More than just a Vendor Advocate

When it comes to selling your home or investment property, preparation is everything. When you engage Peninsula Vendor Advocates we take a "return on investment" approach while focusing on reaching the property's target market and optimising its attractiveness to purchasers and maximise price.

An impartial set of eyes coupled with a creative approach can be worth a substantial amount to the final sale price.

For Owner Occupiers and Investors we consider the short, medium and long term benefits of work to be done, for example, strategic landscaping or a progressive maintenance schedule. With over 27 years of building and property knowledge on the Peninsula, let us help you gain the full potential of your properties worth.

We can assist with or completely look after various improvements to your property, including:

  • Identifying any pest/building issues prior to listing to ensure no surprises
  • Market research to determine the property’s target market
  • Design and colour selection
  • Staging and styling the property to appeal to the widest possible buyer profile
  • Carrying out identified repairs that might otherwise deter buyers or provide avenues for price negotiation
  • Undertaking recommended cosmetic work to lock in the value and provide positive first impressions including plastering and painting, plumbing, cleaning, decluttering and landscaping

Peninsula Vendor Advocates will collect competitive quotes, manage site access where necessary and "sign off" on your behalf once the job is complete. We keep you fully informed throughout the process and you can have as much or as little involvement as you prefer.

All properties are different and the work involved varies enormously from job to job and all fees are quoted on an individual basis. Peninsula Vendor Advocates project management service is designed to save you time and make you money by performing all the necessary activity to get your property to market without overspending on unnecessary work. We work with a team of vetted trades, services and stylists with one focus, your property.

Let’s get started.

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