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Dreaming of a sea change but don’t want to give up your cafe lifestyle? Mornington can meet you in the middle with its urban bayside charm.

Just an hour from the city, Mornington is a large, effervescent seaside village, brimming with that feel-good vibe that comes from amazing sea views, award-winning restaurants and a gentle, family-friendly way of life. Seachange Buyers Advocates believe Mornington’s got all the amenities you need without having to go shoulder-to-shoulder with the peak hour crowds.

With its gentle pace and room to move, Mornington is perfect for families with kids edging towards independence. The leisurely lifestyle also makes it an attractive place for older people who don’t need to race off to work anymore.

A bright sea breeze sets the tone of the Mornington lifestyle, making it an incredibly popular destination for summer tourists, but day to day, the locals love it as they walk their dogs on the beach, peruse the Main Street market every Wednesday, relax over wine and antipasto at DOC or scurry into the industrial backstreet for filter coffee at Commonfolk.

Schools are plentiful in the area, and the area is well serviced by buses and excellent council facilities for older residents. There’s a cosy cinema, good local theatre and outdoor concerts held at local wineries and the Mornington Racecourse.

Mornington’s quaint heritage can still be found in some of the streets behind Main Street, the major thoroughfare through Mornington, and impressive double-story homes sit pretty along the Esplanade with a killer sea view.

Roomier, more modern homes and some very contemporary new units and estates are increasingly more common, along with smart new apartments for that city-by-the-bay lifestyle.

Mornington has a relaxed lifestyle, a sense of community and charm to burn. It’s perfect for families, well equipped for older locals, and a treasure trove for cafe lovers. With a good bus network, plenty of schools and a sea view that just won’t quit, this town is a hard act to follow.

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The Post Office opened on 21 May 1856 as Schnapper Point and was renamed Mornington in 1864.

An earthquake measuring 4.5 on the Richter scale struck the town on 2 September 1932 associated with the nearby Selwyn fault. No injuries or major damage was reported.

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